Domains & Website Hosting

Domains & Web Hosting

Choose a local web hosting company.

Ardent Systems provides locally hosted servers in Australia, a data centre that is located in a secure government building, so your website and data is safe and secure. 

Secure Australian Hosting

Our hosting is secure and hosted in a Australian in government data centre. You never have to doubt whether your data is not secure or compliant.

Faster speeds​

Ardent servers are optimised for speed. We use the latest and greatest hardware and software technologies so that our servers give your website the speed and performance it needs.

Expert Help & Support

We offer support to all of our customers that use our hosting services. Available to you Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. We are there to answer and assist with any questions you may have.

Value for Money

Our pricing is very competitive in respects to the hosting market. We have many hosting options and ad don's to choose from. If you would like to get more information on pricing please contact us anytime.

Hosting Addon's

We have many hosted server add-on’s available. Below we have listed a few important ones. If you have questions about any other services or add-on’s, please email, call or use the contact form below. 

Website Backups​

We offer in addition to your hosting a website backup option. Give yourself piece of mind with our automated backup solution. Set your automated backup and restore with a click of a button. Using this solution is a great way to restore your site if its ever compromised.

WordPress Security​

Another addition to our hosted services is our website security service. You need secure your WordPress website from hackers and intrusions. WordPress is a great platform to use but it is vulnerable to attacks like any other system, secure your website today.

SSL Certificates

Securing your site with an SSL certificate is a great way to secure your business website,  providing secure connection to from your server to the end users browser. Secure sites are given preference by search engines such as Google, as its one of the many ranking factors Google loves.

Dedicated Servers (VPS)​

A dedicated server is a great way to increase the speed and performance of a website. With a dedicated server, VPS, you can manage the entire server yourself giving you complete freedom.

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