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What is Data Recovery?

Ardent systems are experts in Data recovery, data recovery is used when you can no longer access your data on an internal or external hard drive or have lost or deleted files. Our data recovery can be performed on any storage device such as Internal hard drives, external hard drives, USB, SD, USB thumb drives and complex hard drive arrangements such as RAID.

All Hard Drive's

Data Recovery on failed or inaccessible data on common hard drives.


Deep forensic data recovery on all digital storage devices, An advanced recovery.

USB / SD Drives

We can recover data from USB drive, SD cards, fix broken USB thumb drive.

RAID Recovery

Recover lost or corrupt RAID arrays that have been used on a NAS or server.

Why use Ardent systems for Data Recovery?

Our process is professional, speedy and successful. Our data recovery rate is one of the best in the country and we are very competitive with pricing. We have the state of the art clean room laboratory facility to ensure no mistakes are made when working on your recovery. We can ensure you have only have the best trained experts working on your job throughout the process. All of our data recovery experts are overseas trained.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several signs of hard drive failure. The most obvious being that your hard drive does not show signs of power, or your hard drive boots up but you hear uncommon sounds such as clicking. 

Here are a few common signs of a failed device you will come across. When a storage device fails there are either two problems physical damage or logical issues. Below we have defined the both with their symptoms:

Clicking sounds / windup and a then a click, sounds like a looping record / Device does not power up / When you connect your hard drive or USB device computer asks to format the drive / You deleted files / You formatted the drive / Device spins but does not show on computer. 

Data recovery costs vary case by case. Some data recoveries require more work than others. Our cost to recover is one of the most competitive, I don’t think you will find cheaper in Australia.  We only charge an Initial diagnostic fee of $129.00. This covers the laboratory time and labour.  Once we know what is required to recover your data we issue you with a second quote. Your initial diagnostics fee of $129.00 will be deducted from the second quote. 

Again it all depends on the work its going to take to repair and restore data. In most cases to complete a full recovery should only take 4-5 working days. 

We have the state of art recovery technology and training and we have a very high success rate. There has only been one case where we could not recover the data, and the cause of this was that the customer had opened the hard drives and tampered with the internals. We recommend to anyone to never open a hard drive as this limits any possibility of recovery at all. 

We can perform a data recovery on most storage items such as, All hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, RAID arrays (all RAIDS). If your USB drive or hard drive needs a repair we do soldering at the connectors.

Our data recovery team based on the Gold Coast services the entire Gold Coast region.

If you have a data recovery enquiry, please contact out service desk on the phone number you can find on our contact page. Alternately you can email us directly.