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Search Engine optimisation is a must, to optimise means to implement key search engine requirements to your website, and to build your domain name reputation across the world wide web.

We are your local SEO experts. If your website is struggling to rank, and you have been around the world and back trying to find that elusive answer as to why your site isn’t ranking after you have tried everything, talk to us and we can answer all of your questions.

SEO Gold Coast

Why use our SEO service?

Ardent systems has worked with many business over the past 8 years, and since offering SEO as a service, we have successfully delivered No.1 rankings and first page results to all of our clients. We can get you the results because we have proven strategies that over a short time get your desired outcome. There are many ranking factors and strategies that Google require as part of their algorithm, we understand their requirements and do what it takes to get your site ranked for your targeted niche. 

SEO Professional Gold Coast

What does SEO cost?

We can provide you with a package to suit your monthly budget and based on your needs, with no lock in contracts. Before we can determine what we think you should spend, there are a few things to check first.

We know every business has an advertising budget, and yes we can offer you flexible pricing, but its always best to spend more money initially than to spend a small amount. SEO is a tedious exercise and very time consuming, we work on an hourly rate method, for example if you spend $1000.00 p/m we give you 10 -11 hours of work per month. 

This works better as results will come quicker than spending less, essentially buying less hours equals less work over time, equals slower results (rankings).  

We always say to new customers to start with at least a minimum 3 months campaign to get your ranking kick started. 

This allows us to get you results in organic search for the niche you desire to rank for. During your SEO campaign we will keep you updated every month, the information provided will show rank tracking and technical on-page / off-page work completed.

How do we determine the cost of your monthly SEO campaign?

To give you exact pricing there are few factors we have to look at before we can determine how much you should be spending every month. We have first analyse:  your competition, your keyword difficulty, how competitive your market is and complete a full website audit to determine the website changes needed to get it up to an SEO standard. 

If you would like to get SEO started, please go to our contact page and complete the form so that we can give you a proper quote. 

Ardent Systems has been been great support for Performance Pools & Spa ever since we transferred to them. It's been super positive all the way and they are always available to help. We are on the 1st page of Google for our keywords and have continued to get fantastic results. Great service!!! Thanks PP
Marcella F
Performance Pools