IT Project Services

IT Project Services

Got a new IT project? We are here to help.

What is IT Project Services?

Ardent Systems Project Methodology uses a blend of project management concepts and methodologies. It’s a phased method, where milestones are achieved throughout the project lifecycle.

Ardent Systems Project Methodology is used in our IT Service/Project Management engagements. We ensure our customers are provided with uncompromised professional services by following the Ardent Systems project management methodology. Ardent Systems Project Managers are certified in such as frameworks as:

  • ITIL

Ardent Systems project management methodology has been proven to deliver small to substantial IT System, software & infrastructure projects for a large range of clients.



High Level Summary

The Idea phase defines and determines the businesses problem or opportunity and/or technology value of the ICT solution
The output of this phase is an initiation brief or business case.


The Discovery phase looks at the feasibility of implementing the ICT solution.
The outputs are a PMP (Project Management Plan), HLD (High Level Design) and delivery estimates.


The Design phase provides the projects with a detailed design where all aspects of the HLD are expanded (technologies required, strategies used, decisions finalised and system or architectural diagrams)
The outputs are a DLD (Detailed Level Design), Test Plans, Migration Plans and a closed pilot if required.