Cloud Services

Cloud Services

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What are Cloud Services?

Welcome to cloud services where we can provide your business with the most up to date, secure and reliable cloud servers in Australia. With cloud based applications and data storage, business systems and services has never been so easy. We offer cloud facilities that can host services such as Email Exchange, Virtual Hosted Servers, Virtual PBX and VoIP Phones.

Get your business where it needs to be…productive, cost effective and eliminate downtime.

Microsoft Office 365

As a top MSP (managed service provider) we have moved many clients over from an onsite exchange server to a cloud based email service such as O365. O365 is easy to manage and most of all its cost effective saving cost on server maintenance and management. O365 provides a robust email system that is reliable and packed full of features already built in such as active sync, calendar sharing, cloud backup/ restore and much more!

Company One Drive

Get access to your own company one drive, allowing you to manage your data in the one place and share data securely across your company and your employees. With a centralised portal you can manage file permissions, restore deleted or lost files, create shares and more for your company data.

Virtual Hosted Servers

Our hosted servers relieve you of having to maintaining and secure your own onsite servers. It alleviates the costs and maintenance of an owned servers. For a monthly fee leave the maintenance and upkeep to us. Our hosted servers are secure, up to date and compliant.  For a month to month cost we can host and manage your virtual servers with 99% up time that provide speed and reliability.

Virtual PBX & VoIP

Complete peace of mind with our cloud based PBX and VoIP services, never feel uneasy with our reliable hosted PBX and VoIP servers. We offer complete management from setup to ongoing changes when required and month to month billing. 

Cloud services we can host and manage for you,
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