Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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Protect Your Technology

Running a business in today’s advanced tech environments puts your data and business at risk with cyber criminals on the prowl. As technology advances in the workplace so does the risk of having cyber criminals attempting breach your network. If you don’t have the right protection in place, and without the right IT security vulnerable at all times.

We can protect your business today with some of our most advanced security services.

IT Security

Firewalls and Network Security

Ardent systems is specialised in firewalls & network security, giving you peace of mind that of that added security. Being able to control your network at a visible state is crucial to a clean secure environment.

Ransomware Protection

Among other of the prevention we implement, our ransomware protection is state of the art. We have partnered with Cisco to offer our customers the best and most effective system that will protect you data from encryption.


Managed Anti-Virus

Ardent systems has partnered with one of the industries most advanced IT company, that allows us to provide an anti-virus and patch management solutions. This ensures protection of all computer, servers and mobile devices within a network environment.


2 Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection by making passwords stronger. It adds an element to access, so that to log in to a system, the user must have or know some additional information. There are many methods, from SMS codes to a mobile phone, or tokens with encrypted codes that change every minute.